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Arjun Narayen

A website about screwing. (


Jacob Douglas

It's a phone charger that makes it very hard to tell if your phone is actually charging or not.


David Schurman

Word processors, like Microsoft Word, have become an important and universal part of our society. I wanted to take the highly effective and user-friendly concept of a word processor and make it highly ineffective and frustrating. As you type into the Useless Word Processor, it will randomly change some of your keystrokes to backspaces, making what you write almost completely unintelligible. Enjoy!


Elizabeth Austin

Perfect for when your fingertips get chilly while wearing fingerless gloves.


Tania Yu + Dan Wan

Warm your CPU (and any bagels you place near it) up to the desired temperature by running as memory-intensive and inefficient a program as possible!


Hannah Blakely + Erin Bugbee + Shawna Cheng + Wendy Cohen + Sophie Saskin

Interactive disastrous marble track. Festive cardboard chute, felt ladder, knit bridge, bed of nails, cup of water, metal track, red carpet. Try to get to Santa. (Be careful.)


Erin Cole + Ethan Mok + Jeremy Joachim

World-champion drone racers Erin Cole and Ethan Mok worked with drone-phobic citizen Jeremy Joachim to create HAT + FLY, a wearable that channels from the pointless wonder of a propeller hat.


Anya Parakh + Raina Wellman + Tiffany Chiu + Khue Truong

It’s been a long day, you’re exhausted and want nothing more than to sink into the softness of your pillow. Except, just as your brain’s starting to give away and you’re on the verge of sleep you hear something… ”Pssssst, you awake?”

You look around, who is it? You wonder.

“Hey, yeah you, I was wondering, like, why is peanut butter and jelly a thing? Like who the “beep” came up with it?” It’s your PILLOW!

Pillow Talk is a revolutionary object that changes the way you the sense that you don’t. Are you the kind of person who needs incredibly thought provoking questions to get your mind reeling just as you pass out, thus keeping you awake? Do you consistently like to be reminded of how bad your hair smells or how you really do NOT need this nap with all that homework you have? Or are you just someone who hates sex but loves pillow talk? Well, Pillow Talk is just what you need!


Katie Wu

We often take for granted the utility of various utensils used in the kitchen. For example, we expect knives to cut, forks to stab, and spoons to be able to hold some kind of liquid. This series of kitchen utensils has an essential component of their form altered so that they become unusable for their traditional purpose.


Lucas Kasser + Laura Blackstone + May Tomic + Josh Roy

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
WiiFit board mouse,
screaming occurs too.


Robert Wang + Kenta Kondo + Mandi Cai

Why have telepresence when you can have Nutellapresence? This adorable creature shits out Nutella whenever it encounters an obstacle. But you can't be mad at Nutellapresence, because no one gets mad at Nutellapresence (just look at it). And no one hates Nutella.


Zach Deocadiz + Josh Shao

Based in Providence, RI, Useless Type Foundry is a joint venture between Zach Deocadiz and Joshua Shao, who have collaborated since 2016 on various typeface projects. The company publishes useless fonts developed by Deocadiz and Shao, their staff, and outside collaborators, and also represents the two and their team when they work together on type design projects.


Grace Young + Jillian Cai + Kay Liang + Danny Kim

Every time you collect milk from a cow's udder,
you'll shudder,
and think,
of this Umbrella,
that rains on your fella.