Steam Useless Hackathon

Everything here is cool and useless

Useless Hackathon

Saturday, April 14th, 10am-6pm, Brown Design Workshop

It’s the Useless Hackathon 2, Electric Boogaloo!

Inspired by ITP's Stupid Hackathon, Brown/RISD STEAM is hosting the Useless Hackathon--a place to make useless, weird, silly, random stuff (emphasis on weird). It'll be a really fun and laid-back day-long event away from the pressure of "practicality" and allowing for the potential for lots of creativity! Finished projects can be displayed in an open exhibition for the end of the day to celebrate the fact that you just made a thing!*

*Definition of "thing" subject to interpretation

C R A P: An Exposition of Useless Garbáge

Saturday, April 14th, 7:30pm-9pm, Brown Design Workshop

Following the hackathon, Brown/RISD STEAM proudly presents C R A P: An Exposition of Worthless Garbáge. Resulting from countless hours, or maybe minutes, of work at the Useless Hackathon, these pieces are the culmination of the imagination and creativity of the event’s participants. Please join us in this celebration of inventive, useless design, as one person's trash is another's garbáge.

This exhibition is open to the public.

Check out last year's project here!