Editor's Note

STEAM is a student-led effort to ignite communications between disparate fields in academia, business, and thought. Our focus is broad but our starting point is uniting the Arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

A beautiful and manic part of STEAM is the evolution in what it means to its advocates. We created this year's catalogue around the theme Reconstruct – inspired by STEAM's constant reinvention. Stepping back and questioning what STEAM means to us has always been a large part of our journey as advocates. We’ve each navigated the convoluted and sometimes ambiguous acronym. Every new wave of STEAM leaders deconstructs what it means to be STEAM. Years of deconstruction led us to consider this wave a Reconstruction– of concept, meaning and structure.

This catalogue was created by STEAM Press, a Brown-RISD, student-run, design collaborative. We are Anya Parakh, Eddie Jiao, Elizabeth Austin, Grace Young, Raina Wellman, and Sophia Meng.