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Rutgers STEAM, in New Brunswick, is a growing student-led movement to integrate traditionally-disparate fields and mindsets, broadly in the areas of the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and the Arts and Humanities. We aim to develop STEAM as a tool that enables, whether it be enabling learning, open discussions, product improvements, or new ideas and inventions. In the real world, each of us will have to work alongside those with different skillsets and thought processes, and STEAM emulates both this understanding and teamwork as well as encourages it. It seeks to open those in the STEM fields to more creative branches of thought, and those in the arts to more methodical implementations. These intersecting areas will be the hub that will drive forward innovation, manifested through discussions, workshops, projects, trips, and other events, all of which will showcase how these integrations can work alongside one another to solve problems, explore ideas, evaluate beauty in its different abstractions, and above all, make a difference.

We at Rutgers lie on a breeding ground for STEAM-centric innovation. As a research university, we are dedicated to seeking answers to “what if” questions. An open supporter of diversity, Rutgers is home to different schools in the arts, the sciences, and engineering. Each houses a specialized “small-school” environment in a large-school setting that enables many students to focus on a specific discipline but to still be able to converse and interact with others of radically different backgrounds in a shared space. Through current research thrusts, such as Polynomiography and Musical Technology, as well as other creative spaces, such as the Makerspace and Hackerspace, we are already on our way to democratizing STEM, the Arts, and the new area of STEAM. Based close to NYC, we can also easily access various art and Science-Art hubs that are developing in the city to fuel our projects. We at Rutgers STEAM have access to tools and are creating means that not only enable answers but prompt further questions for exploration.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to add yourself to our e-mail list. If you have a project in mind that you would like to collaborate with us on, don't hesitate to send us an email at


Jenny Chen / President
Economics, International & Global Studies,
Biological Sciences, Cognitive Science ‘18

Katherine Zheng / Secretary
Pharmacy ‘22

Benjamin Cahnbley / Treasurer
Computer Science, Mathematics ‘19

Riya Prabhudesai / STEAM x Science Head
Physics ‘20

Marcy Alvarez / STEAM x Tech Head
Information Tech & Informatics, Criminology ‘18

Anthony Porturas / STEAM x Math Head
M.S. Computer Science

Emily Duong / STEAM x Design Head
Pharmacy '22

Ben Yang / Co-Head
Math, Physics

Anna Mallory / Co-Head
Cognitive Science

Riyam Zaman / Co-Head
Computer Science


Danica Sapit / Founder, Former President 2015 - 2017
Electrical and Computer Engineering, UXD '17

Brian Ronan / Former Treasurer
Chemical Engineering, Mathematics ‘18

Ciera Jones / Former Vice President
Visual Arts, Computer Science ‘16

Nicole Guevara / Former Vice President
Psychology, Biology ‘17

Celine Park / Former Math Head
Chemical Engineering, Mathematics ‘19