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STEAM is a student-led effort to ignite communications between disparate fields in academia, business, and thought. Our focus is broad but our starting point is uniting the Arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). We started at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and have grown on campuses throughout the United States.

This website is maintained by students at Brown University and RISD. For our most recent work, please see our Catalogue, and check out our school-specific pages: Brown. MIT. RISD. Yale. The New School. BU. Rutgers. Harvard.

Current Projects

BioSTEAM — BioSTEAM explores the intersection between living things and their visual aesthetics. Whether that is by understanding biological systems through art or merely highlighting the inherent visual beauty that is present in all aspects of Biology.

KinderSTEAM — KinderSTEAM is Brown/RISD STEAM club’s partnership with Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island, a local Providence school for grades Pre-K-5.

STEAM Pavilion — RISD+Brown STEAM are teaming up with Providence local Pneuhaus to design and create an inflatable pavilion for flexible use.

C+STEAM — C+STEAM investigates the ways computer science and technology can create art and understanding, whether through CAD, data visualization, or biohacking.

Citizen + Virtual — Citizen + Virtual is the third installment in a Wintersession & IAP series held between Brown, RISD, MIT & BU. It consists of a four-week workshop, a film screening, a lecture, and an exhibition all revolving around the ideas of Digital Citizenship.

For a full list of projects, see our Project Archive page.


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